We offer golf betting tips before an event begins (pre-event) and after the conclusion of each tournament round (in-play).  

Our in-play betting blogs and tips are currently available free of charge.  These can be accessed on golfbettingclub.com on a daily basis once an event has started.    

Our pre-event tips are only available by subscribing to our 2022 Golf Betting Club group.

The service is closed for 2022 so keep an eye out for our 2023 package!


How much do you charge for your pre-event tips?
Information on our prices for 2023 will be available soon!

What do I get when I subscribe?
You will have access to ALL of our tips. 

How do I subscribe?
Information on how to subscribe to all of our tips in 2023 will be available soon!

Why do you charge for pre-event tips?
As you'll see from our Tipping Record, if you had placed a £10 bet on each of our tips in 2020 and 2021, you'd have been over £8,500 in profit.  These tips were given away completely free of charge.

In order for Golf Betting Club to grow and improve, we need to charge for some of our tips.  We put in countless hours each week researching and selecting our bets and this can only continue if we are to charge for the service.

What is Telegram?
All of our tips are provided using a messaging service called Telegram.  This is similar to WhatsApp.  You will need to install Telegram on your phone or Computer in order to access our pre-event tips.