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  • DP World Tour tips
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£245 (approx $315)
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£445 (approx $565)
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What happens after I join?

We will email you with instructions about how to join the service and get all our golf betting picks.  

What do I get when I subscribe?

You get access to our private Telegram group. This is the only place you will find our best golf betting tips and golf latest odds. Bets include outright tips as well as tips in markets such as First Round Leader, Top 10, Top 20, three ball betting and Match Bets.

What is Telegram?

All of our pre-event golf tips are provided using a messaging service called Telegram. This is similar to WhatsApp. You will need to install Telegram on your phone or computer in order to access our pre-event tips. Instructions and links to install Telegram can be found here.

What is the difference between the different subscription options?

Quite simply, price!  Whether you join for a month or a year, you'll get access to all of our pre-event golf betting tips and in-play golf betting picks.  Golf can be a highly variable sport to bet on so we do recommend that you stick with the process and look for long term results.  

Do you offer a free trial?

We don't offer a free trial of our premium golf betting in play information. Our historical results have been proofed by Smart Betting Club and are available via our Tipping Record However, we do offer a monthly membership option as a way of trialling the service if you are unsure before committing to a longer term.

When are your tips released?

We release 90% of our tips on a Wednesday once the market has settled and there is enough liquidity for subscribers to be able to place bets. If you ever need golf betting tips today the Telegram group could provide last-minute advice.

Is your service compatible with the Betfair exchange?

Absolutely. You will often get bigger prices on the Betfair exchange and have the ability to lay a golfer you have backed, should you so wish.

How many sportsbook/bookmaker accounts do I need?

We recommend having access to a wide range of sportsbooks/bookmakers. Odds will often vary significantly between bookmakers and maximising value is important.

Is your service focused on one particular country?

Although we are based in the UK, our golf betting in play service will work for you whether you are in the UK, USA, Australia, Canada or elsewhere. 

Do your best come with a staking plan?

Yes, all of our bets come with a staking plan. You should follow our staking plan to manage your bankroll and ensure you receive the correct returns.

How many tips a week are there?

We will generally provide 5-8 outright tips for each event with between 5-10 points staked.  For bigger events, or where we spot value, there will be additional bets in specials/prop markets.  We also review markets after each round and will typically select 1-3 in-play golf bets after each round.

I'm new to betting on golf, can you explain the terminology?

Our Betting Basics articles will give you all the information you need, but please do not hesitate to ask us for more information.

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