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Each Way

If you have looked around our site you’ll see that we often place a bet ‘Each Way.’  One of the most frequent questions we are asked is, “what does each way mean?” 

Placing a bet Each Way enables you to back a player at big odds with the added security that he doesn't have to win in order to potentially make profit. 

An each way bet is essentially two bets, one on a player to win and one on a player to finish in the each way places.  Let's say you are betting on Tiger Woods at 50/1 and the Each Way terms are stated as 1/5 1,2,3,4,5,6.  In this scenario, you have one bet on Tiger Woods to win and one bet on him to finish in the top 6 places (as the each way terms are 1,2,3,4,5,6).  

The odds on the bet for Tiger to win will be 50/1.  The Each Way odds on Tiger to finish in the top 6 places are 1/5 of 50/1, i.e. 10/1.  This is because the likelihood of Tiger finishing inside the top 6 places is higher than Tiger winning. 

If Tiger wins you'll win both bets as Tiger has both won and finished inside the top 6.  If Tiger finishes 6th, you'll have lost the first bet (the win bet) but you'll have won the 2nd bet (the each way bet) as he finished in the top 6 places.  If Tiger finishes 7th, you will lose both bets as he neither won nor finished in the top 6 places. 

Note – In America, each way betting is generally unavailable.  You should seek to place an outright bet and an accompanying Top 5 or Top 10 bet. 

Win Only 

Where we place a bet ‘Win Only,’ we are betting on that player to win the tournament.  If the player finishes in any position other than 1st, the bet will lose. 


The odds on a golf bet can be expressed in many different ways.  In the UK, you will generally see odds expressed as fractions, e.g. 3/1.  However, the same odds can also be expressed as a decimal, i.e. 4.00. 

In the USA, these same odds will generally be expressed as +300. 

Provided you understand the way the odds are expressed it does not matter which format they are in.  If you are unsure about the conversion of fractional, decimal or American moneyline odds, our friends at Premier Sports Plays have an excellent odds converter tool here


As with all sports you can bet on a myriad of different things happening during a golf tournament.  Some of the most common markets are: 

Bet on a player to win the whole tournament. This can include Each Way bets (as explained above). 

Round Leader  
Bet on a player to be leading the tournament after the first, second or third round. 

Top 5/Top 10/Top 20 
Bet on a player to finish in the Top 5/10/20 at the end of a tournament 

Bet on one player to finish higher than another player over the whole tournament.  Some bookmakers also offer matchbets for each 18 hole round. 

3 Balls 
Players are drawn to play together for the first two days of a tournament.  You are able to bet on who will shoot the best score on each day. 

2 balls 
Unless affected by weather, players will generally play the final two rounds of a tournament in pairs.  You can bet on who will outperform the other. 

Speciality Markets 
You can typically bet on things such as which player will be the Top European player come the end of the tournament. Obviously only European players will be eligible in that market and the bet will be settled with consideration to the finishing positions of only those golfers.  You will often see a number of Speciality Markets for bigger events. 

If there is anything else you'd like explained feel free to drop us an email or a DM on Twitter and we'd be happy to help.