2022 Golf Bookmaker ReviewsIf you are reading this article you probably already suffer from the same problem we do at most bookmakers.  Being restricted, limited or having your account closed is a constant battle so we've spent the last few months testing out some of the bookmakers you won't find on Oddschecker.

Before we begin, a couple of disclaimers.  Firstly, these are just our experiences, you may have a different view or opinion.  Secondly, we are NOT being paid for this article, nor do we receive any income if you create an account with one of the bookmakers listed.  This article is only intended to provide you with information.

Livescore Bet
You probably already use Livescore to check football results.  You may even have seen their commercials with Cristiano Ronaldo or watched their live streams of Serie A games.

You probably weren't aware they operate a betting website which is actually very good.  The website is responsive and easy to navigate, with a good range of golf betting markets available.

Their prices move quickly in-play so if you're hoping to catch them sleeping then think again.  However, they will take a sizeable bet and we've not had any problems with account restrictions so far.

Mr Green
Not strictly a bookmaker but they do offer sports betting options using the Unibet odds platform.  We found ourselves limited to a £1k potential win on any bet and subsequently a £400 max win.  If you've been limited at Unibet and you're happy playing for smaller stakes then Mr Green isn't a terrible option. 

The main irritation came from the website itself, which logs you out after what feels like 5 mins of inactivity.  Constantly re-entering log in details became a bit of a chore!  Another thing to be aware of is that they take a 1% commission from any withdrawal you make, which is the first time we have come across this.

32 Red
You will no doubt have seen the Keith Lemon adverts promoting 32 Red.  We found we had to give them every document we possessed to withdraw our money and they charged us £5 for the pleasure.  The account didn't last too long before they limited it and all in all it's probably one we wouldn't suggest opening unless you are really in need of a new account somewhere.

Pari Match
This doesn't quite meet the article criteria given it has started to appear on Oddschecker in recent weeks but we'll share our opinion nonetheless!  Pari Match is powered by BetVictor and other than the colour scheme changes you won't notice too many differences.  Getting a bet on in-play is troublesome and in the end we gave up. 

If you liked BetVictor you'll probably like Pari Match - they offer good markets on 'mythical two ball" betting which can be good for finding value.

Save your time, don't bother.  Max win was £100 as soon as the account was opened.  We didn't try and place a bet on any other sports but clearly the golf prices are just for show.

You won't be able to find a great deal of markets at this bookmaker - First Round Leader is generally unavailable in-play for example - but we have found they are useful for taking value odds on the outright market in-play. They are slower to react than the likes of Livescore Bet to score changes. They did limit us to max win of £800 fairly sharpish but can be a handy account to top up on a player you like in-running. 

We'll release Part 2 of this series soon.  Let us know if you enjoy the article or if you've found a lesser known golf bookmaker who you are enjoying using.