how to find the best golf tipsterShould you use a golf tipster?

You don't need to use a golf tipster to bet on golf.  However, the best golf tipsters will give you additional insight and analysis in order to become a more profitable golf bettor.  Whether you struggle to make the right selections or you don't have time to analyse the course, field and stats, following a golf tipster can be a productive way to help you bet on golf.

How to find the best golf tipster

In our opinion, there are eight factors to consider when choosing the best golf tipster to follow:

1. Results
2. Transparency
3. Availability of odds
4. Availability of bookmakers
5. Markets
6. Timing
7. Customer service
8. Enjoyment

Let's start with results.  Nobody wants to follow a golf betting tipster who loses every week.  Whilst past performance is no guarantee of future performance, a golf tipster who has demonstrated they are constantly able to beat the bookmakers is definitely preferred to a losing tipster.  Always ask to see the golf tipster's Return on Investment (ROI).  It is often easy to dazzle with "X points profit" but how many points have they staked to achieve that return?

Ideally you want those results to be proofed.  By proofed we mean independently verified.  Some golf tipsters, especially those on social media, will amend their results or delete posts with losing bets in order to improve their overall appearance.  We have had our results proofed by Smart Betting Club for the past two years.  Our Tipping Record is available here.

Availability of odds isn't something people consider when selecting a golf tipster to follow but it's a hugely important factor.  If a tipster posts their selections on a Monday as soon as the bookmakers post prices those prices are likely to get cut quickly as bookmakers react to prices which are incorrect.  Many followers will be unable to get the prices quoted.

You also need to factor into the equation what bookmakers the golf tipster uses.  For example, do they predominantly recommend bets at Bet365?  If so, do you have a Bet365 account available to you which isn't limited or restricted?  Alternatively, does the golf betting tipster recommend bets at a wide range of bookmakers? In that scenario, are you prepared to open accounts at different bookmakers in order to get the best value prices or to access the various markets they might bet on?

What markets does the golf tipster provide tips for?  Almost every golf betting tipster will provide tips for the outright markets but some will also provide selections for 3 ball golf bets, speciality markets and prop bets. With customers in the UK, USA, Canada, Europe and Australia, we are mindful that it can be frustrating if people can't get a bet on due to their location.  The best golf tipsters will provide tips for the markets that everyone can access.

In our opinion, the time a golf tipster sends out his tips is significantly undervalued.  Does your chosen golf tipster send their bets out on a Monday afternoon when you are in a meeting at work?  You may miss the prices quoted and have to take lower odds than the tipster advertised.  We send our tips to subscribers around midday (UK time) each Wednesday for several reasons.  Firstly, the market has stabilised and almost everyone can get the prices we recommend.  Secondly, we wait until the weather forecast is as accurate as possible.  Weather plays a huge part in golf so why not wait until you can have a clear indication of tee times and who may be advantaged or disadvantaged?

Customer service is another area that isn't often considered but will be increasingly important over the long term.  Is your chosen golf tipster available to answer questions about the tips if anything is unclear?  Do you know who it is that is providing the tips or are they hiding behind a twitter account?

Finally, betting on golf should provide a level of enjoyment along with profitability.  Does the golf betting tipster ask you to use a 'system' that requires you to put on 20+ bets at numerous bookmakers each week?  Do you have the time or inclination to back that many players?  Some golf tipsters favour betting on shorter odds players whilst others favour longer odds selections.  If you don't enjoy the golf tipster's methodology, you'll quickly lose interest.

Should you follow a golf tipster on Twitter?

If you have a Twitter account you'll know that there are a lot of golf betting tipsters on the platform.  With one or two wins it is possible to gain some traction and become the 'best golf tipster' on Twitter.  However, we'd refer you back to our previous point regarding transparency.  Make sure anyone you follow at least has a spreadsheet with all their bets recorded on it.  Whilst you may wish to follow a golf tipster on Twitter for a bit of fun, we wouldn't recommend following a tipster on Twitter unless their results are completely transparent.

Are free golf tips too good to be true?

Yes and no.  It is impossible to answer this question without considering how the golf betting tipster is being paid for his or her work.  It is also impossible to answer the question without the understanding how affiliate marketing works.  

Let's consider affiliate marketing first.  Some affiliate marketing websites operate by referring customers to bookmakers and taking a commission on any losses that the customer subsequently makes.  There is therefore an incentive to drive traffic to particular bookmakers rather than provide the best possible tips.  We would always advise caution when free golf tips are provided in this way.

Some golf betting tipsters are employed in order to write content and attract visitors to the website.  The website will make their money from traditional advertising income.  Whilst you are not paying for the tips in a traditional sense, you are being advertised to whilst reading the content.  

Are paid golf tipsters better than free golf tipsters?

The main difference between a paid tipster and a free golf tipster is the expectation of a profitable return.  If you are paying for tips you expect a winning service and quite rightly so. 

There are lots of free golf tipsters but you need to consider the eight factors we have already discussed.  The main consideration is that there will be an element of exclusivity to tips that are paid for.  Free tips are potentially available to millions of readers, whilst paid for tips will likely only be available to a limited number of bettors.  You are therefore more likely to be able to get the prices advertised from a paid service.  

You should also factor in considerations such as customer service (a free tipster has no obligation to answer your questions), the markets they tip (they may only tip in the outright market) and the transparency of their results.

Who are the best golf tipsters?

Given the eight factors we've mentioned above, every person's opinion will be different.  Each of those eight factors will have different weighting depending on your circumstances.  You must weigh up the factors and decide what is best for you. 

Since launching Golf Betting Club in June 2020, we have returned over 600pts profit and an ROI of over 19%.  We pride ourselves on our transparency and customer service, and are happy to answer any questions you may have about our service.


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