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Bankroll Management

It goes without saying that we advocate you gamble responsibly.

Golf is a highly unpredictable sport which lends itself to high odds winners but it is also possible to go several weeks without a winning bet.  For that reason, managing your money is extremely important.

We provide tips on a 'points basis' as everyone's budget will be different. The number of points is calculated by way of risk attached to the bet and confidence in the bet being advised.

We suggest a minimum bank of 500 points when betting on golf.  

With that information in mind, decide how much your budget will allow.  For example, if you decide 1 point = £10 you would be looking at a bank of £5,000 to start with.  

Always remain consistent with the points you are putting on as we have selected them for a reason. Please always bet responsibly.

Getting The Best Odds

As with anything in life, you need to ensure you are getting the best possible price when betting on golf.  

Having access to multiple bookmakers is essential.  With sports such as football, tennis etc there are fractional variations in odds but with golf you will often see players priced up at double or even treble the odds at different bookmakers. 

To ensure you maximise profitability we'd always recommend betting at the bookmaker with the best odds available, even if you have a favourite bookmaker who you like to use.  

Take advantage of free bet offers and utilise different offers.  Even if the odds on a bet are the same at various bookmakers, you will often find better each way terms if you shop around.  You'll also likely find different betting markets at different bookmakers.